EVX-S24 Battery Charging - Did You Know

The EVX-S24 (Motorola Solutions and Vertex Standard versions) with battery fitted in the radio, can be charged with the standard wall charger which has a flying lead and connector that plugs straight in the side of the radio.


If you want a desk charger, there are 2 options with the CD-65 and CD-66. These are pockets that the radio can sit in while charging and are powered by the same wall charger supply as mentioned above.


However, it is only the CD-66 that will allow the battery for the EVX-S24 to be charged on its own. The CD-66 will charge a radio with battery in it or just the battery on its own, though not at the same time.


Therefore, if you are supplying a system that requires the end user to charge spare batteries on their own, the only way to achieve this is with the CD-66 pocket.


Parts List:


  • Wall Charger or Pocket PSU (PS000042A13)
  • CD-65 Charger Pocket (AAM19X501 or AAM19X001)
  • CD-66 Charger Pocket (AAM20X501 or AAM20X001)


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