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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Cancellation of Popular MOTOTRBO Multi-Unit Chargers

Added 30.01.19

Motorola Solutions has issued an intent to cancel the W series of MOTOTRBO multi-unit chargers due to obsolescence at supplier. Cancelled charger products include the popular WPLN4214 and WPLN4188 products for the DP2000/e, DP4000/e and DP4000 Ex, DP3xx1e, GP, GP Compact and GP Ex Series.

The full cancellation document, affected products list and corresponding replacements is available on request from our Sales Team.

RadioTrade has purchased plenty of stock of the WPLN4188 and WPLN4214 chargers and these will be available until the stock is depleted.


The New Replacement Multi-Unit Chargers:

Replacement products have been offered as the new P series of MOTOTRBO multi-unit chargers. The new chargers offer a smaller, lighter platform with integrated programming and fleet management features that support an integrated data upload without the need for a separate CIU. The replacement charger for the DP3xx1/e series also does not require radio inserts when charging.

Additional Features:

  1. Two display modes for enhanced display data capabilities. Set up mode enables the user to customise the charger for their specific use (battery storage mode, enabling/disabling, calibration or reconditioning, display format selection, power save selection). Diagnostic mode enables the charger to read IMPRES battery data similar to the IMPRES battery reader (date of first use, number or charge cycles and capacity details).
  2. Battery analyser mode (for example, end of life service).
  3. One combined model, offering single display scalable to 6-unit display.
  4. Suitable for preparing Lithium-Ion batteries for shipment.
  5. Long-term battery storage









  • Weight: 3.9kg
  • Dimensions 445 x 170 x 116 mm
  • Chemistry: Ni-MH, Lithium-Ion
  • Technology: IMPRES
  • Power Source: 120-240 VAC
  • Number of Pockets: 6
  • Number of displays 1 (scalable to 6 via software purchase).


New Charger Part Numbers:

For DP4000/e, DP4xx1Ex, DP2000/e, DP3000 Series

PMPN4290A-IMPRES 6-Way Multi-Unit Charger with UK cord

PMPN4289A-IMPRES 6-Way Multi-Unit Charger with Euro cord


For DP3xx1e, Legacy GP & ATEX Series

PMPN4298A-IMPRES 6-Way Multi-Unit Charger with UK cord

PMPN4297A-IMPRES 6-Way Multi-Unit Charger with Euro cord