Launching the RadioTrade Value Heavy Duty Headset

We are pleased to launch the newest item in the RadioTrade Value range - The Value Heavy Duty Headset for Noisy Environments. Comfortable to wear with a bi-directional microphone and a rated speaker power of 100mW. Maximum attenuation is 24dB with a working temperature of -20°c to +70°c.

The headset is versatile with a choice of changeable in-line, with or without PTT, down-lead options and a range of connectors to suit  radios within both the Motorola Solutions, Hytera and Kirisun product portfolios. This also makes the headset ideal for hire applications, whereby the product can be used across multi-manufacturer fleets by simply using the same headset with different downleads. The headset cup has a PTT Button and volume control to allow a quick response to messages and to ensure all important controls are close to hand.

The headset can support these radio models:

Motorola Solutions: DP1400, DP4000/e series (not ATEX), XT420/460.

Hytera: PD6, PD7

Kirisun: DP405

The headset offers robust quality for an excellent price point of £79 Dealer price, RRP £132. Cables are priced between £12-£18 Dealer price, £20-£30 RRP. RadioTrade has invested in producing a brochure for this product that can be branded with your Dealer details and used with end user customers. Please see the download available below.

Please speak to your Account Manager or the Sales Team directly to discuss this product.



Download the RadioTrade Value Heavy Duty Headset Brochure

Download the RadioTrade Value Range Product Chart

Watch the RadioTrade Value Heavy Duty Headset Webinar


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