Discover Capacity Max: Motorola's New Tier III System

RadioTrade is pleased to bring updated product information on the Capacity Max, Tier III product, due to be released by Motorola in April, 2016.

Capacity Max is due to expand the MOTOTRBO trunking portfolio and will fit nicely between the Linked Capacity Plus and the Connect Plus infrastructure to offer a complete portfolio.

Initially the system will be able to support up to 15 sites with up to 3000 users per site and up to 100 talkpaths. This capability will then increase to be able to support up to 250 sites by the end of 2016 and in time, Motorola expect this to be able to increase further. Up to six additional data repeaters per site can be dedicated to support intensive text and data use, GPS, SCADA and Alarm Management. For customers who need a system that supports other vendors' radios, Capacity Max can be run in DMR Tier III 'Interoperability' mode.

The preliminary feature list is exciting, offering the most mature and well defined DMR Tier III features on the market. The features of both the infrastructure and the system go above and beyond the core DMR features to offer a system with great value to help make your customer's business a success.

The simple and efficient system architecture utilises standard Internet protocol (IP) network with a centralized server. System management software gives you command of infrastructure, devices and talkgroups and updating and upgrading is easy with processes for software and firmware implementation. An additional server can also be deployed in a redundant solution, offering protection and back-up to any system fault.

Capacity Max is highly secure with all subscribers securely authenticated. All voice, data and control traffic within the IP network is encrypted and devices can be remotely disabled and re-enabled if misplaced or stolen. The solution offers resiliency at the server, IP site network and site repeater levels to offer no single point of trunking failure. You can also provision a second control channel per site for ultra-high system availability.

Motorola will be offering the opportunity for existing MOTOTRBO products and systems such as Linked Capacity Plus to be ungradable to Capacity Max using a simple software update. Capacity Max works seamlessly with these MOTOTRBO products and does not require a seperate option board: DP3441, DP4000 Series, SL4000 Series, DM4000 Series, MTR 3000, SLR 5000 Series and the DR3000 Series (32 MB version). Motorola expect the pricing of a new Capacity Max solution to be between those of setting up a new Linked Capacity Plus or Connect Plus system but exact prices will be distributed nearer the launch.


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