Motorola SLR1000 - When Less is More

The Motorola Solutions SLR1000 Repeater is still not widely used within the UK.   So in this Product Focus, RadioTrade will take a look at the SLR1000 and the benefits it offers.  But first, let’s consider why we use a repeater in a radio system

Why use a Repeater in a Radio System?


Repeaters are widely used for external wide-area and in-building radio systems and where greater radio coverage is needed.  Repeaters across multiple sites can also be linked over IP to form an even larger coverage footprint.


They work by ‘repeating’ all transmissions they receive, simultaneously. So in effect a relay for voice and data communications over the radio system.



Why would you use an SLR1000?

Some of the key benefits are


  • A small footprint; less space is required for the installation when compared to other repeaters.
  • A much cleaner and more secure installation, with the option of adding an internal duplexer and cables.
  • Compact whip antennas that can be fixed to the enclosure.
  • All this means a potential cost saving to the customer and makes the SLR1000 ideal for the majority of applications requiring more coverage






How Does the SLR1000 Compare?



Motorola Solutions make several repeaters all with similar capabilities. The key variation in models is the transmit power, which is as follows:


SLR1000 @ 10W
SLR5500 @ 50W
SLR8000 @ 100W


(Most on-site Ofcom licences allow 2 - 5W ERP. Even with 2 SLR1000 repeaters, working through a 2 channel combiner into an antenna, a 10W repeater could still achieve 3W+ for the antenna.)







Technologies that the SLR1000 works with


  • Single Repeater

  • IP Site Connect

  • Capacity Plus

  • Linked Capacity Plus







  • The SLR1000 has a compact form factor, so it takes up less wall space.
  • It has lower power consumption, compared to the other models in the range.
  • It can be easily wall, pole or rack-mounted.
  • The SLR1000 is IP65 rated, for dust and water protection, and therefore can be mounted outside.  






  • An optional duplexer can be installed in the repeater housing, resulting in a very clean installation.

  • The SLR1000 is compatible with the Procom MPX duplexer range.

  • With the SLR5500 a duplexer has to be externally mounted, so requires cables and a separate housing.






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