New 'XBT Headsets' featuring SENS Spatial Awareness Technology

Motorola has announced two new XBT Heavy-Duty Wireless Bluetooth Headsets for use in high-noise environments. These headsets use the latest SENS™ Technology to protect you from all types of noise, including impact, intermittent and continuous (arc welding, sandblasting etc).

Where this advanced technology differentiates the headsets from others, however, is by distinguishing between high noise which it suppresses and speech which it elevates. Retain 360° hearing (hear alarms, alerts, a forklift beeping behind you), benefit from clear communication even in extreme noise environments and continue to work safely and normally.

RLN6490A - XBT Operations Critical Wireless Behind-the-Head Headset -
RRP £600 - Order online

RLN6491A - XBT Operations Critical Wireless Headband Style Headset -
RRP £600 - Order online

Please download the Spec Sheet for full information.

Article updated: 09/09/14


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