MOTOTRBO 10th Anniversary Promotion Extended

RadioTrade is pleased to tell Dealers that Motorola has extended their 10th anniversary promotion until the 31st of December, 2017.

Dealers can currently enjoy large discounts, of up to 25% off of RRP before discount on:

DP4400e - DP4401e - DP4600e - DP4601e - DP4800e - DP4801e - DP4401 Ex - DP4801 Ex - DP4401 EX Ma - DP4801 Ex Ma - DP3441e - DP3661e - DP2400e - DP2600e - DM4400E - DM4401E - DM4600E - DM4601E - SLR5500 - SLR8000

This is great news as we head into the final quarter of 2017 and will hopefully allow you to continue to enjoy great success in promoting and selling the Motorola MOTOTRBO portfolio.

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