MOTOTRBO Old Generation Stock Update

As you know since the end of the Motorola promotion in September last year, RadioTrade offered our own exclusive promotion on old generation products. This has been hugely successful and many models have sold out, but we still have some available for purchase at last years promotional discounted price.

These are being sold on a “first come first served basis” so please check stock levels with us before you commit to your customers. To help you we sent out our current stock holdings on the promotional radios, still in stock, to our Dealer email list. Please check your inbox for exact figures.

Currently in last stock are:

DP4400 UHF
DP4400 VHF
DP4600 UHF
DP4600 VHF
DP4401 UHF
DP4401 VHF
DP4601 UHF
DP4801 UHF
DP3441 UHF
DP3441 VHF
SL4000 UHF
DM4400 UHF
DM4401 UHF
DM4401 VHF
DM4601 UHF

If you are not on our Dealer email database and would like to be, please contact RadioTrade


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