New MOTOTRBO R2.5 Software Release

Motorola have published a new system release R02.50.04 (R2.5) for the PCR range.

This new system release covers these MOTOTRBO products:

DP1000 Series, SL1600, DP2000 Series, DP3441, DP4000 Series, DP4000Ex Series and SL4000 Series Portables - Product version R01.01.30

DM1000 Series, DM2000 Series and DM4000 Series Mobiles - Product version R01.01.30

DR 3000, SLR 5500 and MTR3000 Repeaters - Product version R02.40.20

CPS - Product version R12.1 (Build 645)

Tuner - Product version R12.0 (Build 203)


Key new features in R2.5:

  • Introduction of the DP4401/4801 Ex Ma ATEX MOTOTRBO Portable radios
  • CFS noise suppressor for single mic
  • FM to UL Migration (Intrinsically Safe battery mismatch alert)
  • 280 Character Text Messages
  • Czech language support
  • Offline Radio Management via USB memory stick
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) enhancement


The full release notes are downloadable HERE and in the software section.

The software is available to download for registered Dealers in our software section HERE

The December Motorola webinar featured a spotlight on this release. To watch it please see our webinar section HERE


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