New Adjustable D-Shell Earpiece for MOTOTRBO RSMs

Motorola has released a new adjustable D-shell earpiece (PMLN7396) for use with MOTOTRBO RSMs. The earpiece features a 3.5mm jack and has a black rubber adjustable ear loop that can be fitted for comfort and convenience. The earpiece is receive only and allows discreet messages to be heard while preventing others from overhearing conversations.

Please see below for earpiece compatibility with RSMs:

Radio Family RSM Part Number RSM Description
DP1000 Series PMMN4013 Remote Speaker Microphone, Ear Jack & Enhanced Noise Reduction
DP2000 & DP3441 Series PMMN4071 IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone, Noise Cancelling, IP54
  PMMN4073 IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone
  PMMN4076 RSM (IP54)with Ear Jack & Enhanced Noise Reduction
DP3000 & DP4000 Series NNTN8383 INC (Industrial Noise Cancelling) RSM with Audio Jack, IP54
  PMMN4024 Remote Speaker Microphone with audio jack
  PMMN4025 IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone
  PMMN4050 IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone Noise Cancelling



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