New Motorola 3 Wire Surveillance Earpiece Kits for DP2000 Series & DP3441

Motorola have launched new 3 wire surveillance earpiece kits for the DP2000 series and the DP3441. The earpieces are ideal for radio users to make and receive calls discreetly and 3-wire earpieces offer the highest level of flexibility. These accessories have one wire for receiving communications through an earpiece, one wire for the microphone and one for the PTT button. The microphone can be pinned to your tie or collar while the PTT button can be routed inside your sleeve and located at the cuff of your shirt or jacket within easy reach.

The surveillance kits are available in black (PMLN6754) or beige (PMLN6755).

Both are available to order now on our site. Please find them listed in the DP2000 audio and DP3441 audio sections.


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