New Noise Cancelling Heavy Duty Headsets

Motorola has launched a new noise cancelling, heavy duty headset range. The headsets can also be TIA4950 hazard approved.

These headsets offer a military-type ear seal and a new behind the head headband for a comfortable wearing position. The heavy duty headsets provide excellent noise attenuation of up to 24dB and the ear cups, where the PTT is located, provide a protective seal to shield the user’s ears from harmful noise.

The user listens to radio transmissions through both ears and talks through the flexible boom microphone, which is more robust and delivers better performance than light-weight designs. These headsets support noise cancelling microphone technology and are now delivered with a field replaceable boom microphone, which also adapts to both left and right ear cup.

The addition of a headset to the radio helps improve user performance, efficiency and above all, safety by providing hearing protection against harmful noise.

The new products are:

DP4000 and DP3000 Series:
PMLN6852 - Noise Canceling Heavy Duty Headset
PMLN6853 - Noise Canceling Heavy Duty Headset (TIA4950 approved)

DP2000 Series and DP3441:
PMLN6760 - Noise Canceling Heavy Duty Headset
PMLN6763 - Noise Canceling Heavy Duty Headset (TIA4950 approved)

DP1000 Series:
PMLN6854 - Noise Canceling Heavy Duty Headset


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