NEW Products - Endura Chargers & Gooseneck PTT

RadioTrade has just released two NEW Endura 12-way chargers, the first is for the DP2000/DP4000 series and the second is for the DP1400 series.

Endura chargers are highly reliable and a top choice among communications professionals.  The 12-way chargers have the following features:


  • Twelve-way rapid charger
  • The 12-way charger for the DP2000/DP4000 series is compatible with the DP4400, DP4400e, DP2400, DP2400e, DP3400, DP3600 Series
  • UK Power Supply and Mains Lead
  • Compatible battery types: NiMH / Li-Ion

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RadioTrade has also just released a Value Gooseneck PTT, which is highly comparable to the branded equivalent and has the following features:

  • Gooseneck PTT with cable
  • Includes screw fix mounting
  • Cable is 5m in length
  • Termination is tinned wire
  • This product is an alternative to the RLN4858A

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