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New RadioTrade Promotion on Motorola Solution Radios - Launching Monday

The stock from the ‘Motorola Solutions 10 Year Promotion’ is now almost fully depleted and many lines have now returned to the full RRP pricing. This promotion will therefore now end on Friday the 16th March, 2018 for what items remain in stock.

 The good news is that a New Promotion will start this coming Monday, the 19th of March, that will give Dealers an additional 15% off RRP before normal discount is applied. This will be available on the qualifying products below, on units in any quantity. The website is currently being updated to reflect this from Monday onwards and radio products will be visible with promotional pricing. Please note this is for radios only and the pricing on accessories remains the same as last year.

Whilst in some cases this 15% reduction is not quite to the level of discount we have been enjoying for the last 12 months, in other products such as the SL1600, SL2600 and SLRs, the pricing is considerably better. We hope this will allow you to continue to achieve great sales with the Motorola Solutions portfolio.


The qualifying products are as follows:


DP1000 Series - Analogue & Digital

DP2000e Series


DP4000e Series

DP4000 Atex Series

SL4000e/2600/1600 Series

DM4000e Series

SLR Repeaters


Please note that the Motorola Solutions Commercial Tier which are the Vertex Standard rebranded products, Vertex legacy products, DM1000 radios and DM4000e high powered mobiles, are not included.

 The promotion is currently due finish the end of June 2018 but we will keep you updated with any changes to this.

 Please call RadioTrade with any questions you may have.


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