NEW SALES OPPORTUNITY: 3M Peltor X Series Simple Hearing Protection

Published: 23/7/20


The 3M Peltor X Series Earmuffs are ideal for simple hearing protection and where high noise levels could cause damage to hearing. There is a choice of headsets depending on the level of hearing protection needed as well as a choice of Headband or Helmet Attachment. The headsets are also colour coded such that it easy to see which type is which when mixed attenuation headsets are in use.


These easy-to-sell products could well be a door opener to new clients. The 3M Peltor range of headsets is extensive and used in countless organisations for hearing protection and communicating in noisy environments. The X Series is base level in the range, but perhaps with the largest volume and so a good place to start.




Where could they be used



  • Operating heavy, noisy machinery
  • Stage crew at concerts
  • Council staff using petrol grass cutters or strimmers
  • Tree surgeons using chain saws
  • Marine engineers working in engine rooms
  • Airside ground crew at Airports
  • Driving noisy agricultural vehicles
  • Around manufacturing plants





Product Information



3M PELTOR X Series earmuffs are lightweight hearing protectors with comfortable, soft ear cushions. Available with either a headband or helmet attachment, the headsets are then graded by the amount of noise attenuation which ranges from 26dB up to 37dB. The colour of the headsets determines the attenuation level and such that it is easy to see which headsets are in use if a number of different headsets are used at a site.


For high performance hearing protection against low to high noise levels, the X Series is able to accommodate. The headband version has an electrically insulated, twin headband design that helps reduce heat build up on top of the head and the stainless steel wire, coated with plastic, makes the headband the most robust 3M has to offer. The headset attachment version comes with very strong metal arms to increase durability.


The headsets are both strong and comfortable and easy to adjust when on the head. Wide, soft foam ear cushions help workers stay comfortable, while the slim cups offer improved compatibility with other safety equipment.


The cushions and foam inserts, available as Hygiene Kits, are easy to replace if they become worn or damaged, helping extend the life of the product.



  • Can reduce noise levels up to 37 dB depending on model
  • Wide flat Headband Version is electrically insulted making the earmuffs electrically resistant or 'dielectric'
  • Colour-coding makes it easy to identify the level of protection being worn
  • Slim cups offer improved compatibility with other safety equipment
  • Wide soft ear cushions help workers stay comfortable
  • Designed to optimise weight distribution and balance for outstanding comfort
  • ABS plastic cups are rigid, high strength and impact resistant
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) soft outer cup coating protects from abrasion and bumps








The Next Step



Please contact the RadioTrade sales team on 01256 406050 to discuss obtaining demonstration equipment. The full range and your pricing (visible when logged in) is available here. The RadioTrade can also provide details on other 3M Peltor products that might suit other requirements within your client base.






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