New SmartPTT 8.8 System Release & Resources

SmartPTT has released a new software package, version 8.8. Updates include:

Support for the new MOTOTRBO R2.5 firmware. SmartPTT can now send and receive long text messages, up to 280 characters long, to MOTOTRBO systems to provide more detailed information.

Enhanced custom console elements and new ypes of panels meaning each dispatcher can customise their workspace to become ever more convenient.

Improvements in the monitoring by changing the settings of coverage map creation to quickly get the precise data required for system engineers. There is also some additional monitoring equipment available.

The overall SmartPTT system performance has been enhanced to meet the demands of large systems. Database processing has been sped up so the system can handle large amounts of data, in addition to the introduction fo the ability to set radioserver process priority and new import and export format tools.

Introduction of SmartPTT RG-1000 - a remote gateway to connect MOTOTRBO control stations to the SmartPTT Radioserver using an IP channel. The RG-1000 helps to reduce the costs and ensures an easy deployment of MOTOTRBO systems with all types of SmartPTT configurations that use a control station.


There are a number of new resources available:

  • SmartPTT Web Client User Guide
  • SmartPTT Web Client Installation Guide
  • SmartPTT PLUS Configuration Guide
  • SmartPTT PLUS 8.8 Dispatcher User Guide
  • SmartPTT PLUS 8.8 Radioserver Configurator User Guide


The full Release Notes are available to download HERE

Please contact RadioTrade if you would like a copy of one of these resources or if you wish to discuss the new software release

You can view more about the SmartPTT software HERE


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