New TRBOnet Enterprise 5.2.5 Release with All-in-One Console

RadioTrade are pleased to tell Dealers TRBOnet has released a new version of their Enterprise software, 5.2.5, TRBOnet One. This version offers a brand new All-in-One console feature, offering End User dispatchers management over their control station display and configuration. Neocom has said the TRBOnet One is currently in the Beta stage but encourage users to trial and use it. The features will continue to be updated in coming releases and the full feature set will be announced for the official shipping version in due course. While in the Beta phase, TRBOnet One and the current TRBOnet Enterprise console are fully interchangeable within the software.


Additional Updates:

IP Camera Support - TRBOnet One supports the logging of camera recorded information along with voice and data.

TRBOnet Mobile Client Update - using TRBOnet Enterprise to turn a smartphone into a portable OTT device - compatible with Android 8 and iOS 11.

Usability Improvements - TRBOnet Enterprise now displays unregistered iBeacons.


The full release newsletter can be downloaded HERE

There is a free trial available to download HERE and on our website application page


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