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New TRBOnet Enterprise 5.3.5 & Voice Recording Option Boards

Added 01.03.19

Neocom has launched a new version of their TRBOnet Enterprise product, version 5.3.5.

The core feature of the new release is the addition of DIMETRA Express support. TRBOnet Enterprise, 5.3.5 can either be used as a standalone control system for a DIMETRA Express system or can be used to incorporate a DIMETRA Express to an existing MOTOTRBO system. Non-MOTOTRBO networks can also be incorporated, creating a seamless communication stream. Users may choose between the classic or TRBOnet One configurable dispatcher console.

A 60 day free trial is available to try the application. This can be downloaded from our TRBOnet Enterprise webpage.


New TRBOnet Voice Recording Option Board Software

In addition, TRBOnet has released new software for option boards, adding voice recording functionality.

The 1.8 version of TRBOnet software for option boards enables voice recordings to be stored on the option board, that can then be automatically retrieved by TRBOnet Enterprise over Wi-Fi. For more information about this feature, please see the option board software manual.

There is a new TRBOnet 2019 annex pricebook, that includes the DIMETRA Express connectivity modules and new voice recording option board software. This can be downloaded here.