New TRBOnet Plus 5.0 & SmartPTT Plus 9.0 Releases

There has been two new control room software releases this week for MOTOTRBO, TRBOnet Plus version 5.0 and SmartPTT PLUS 9.0.

What is new in both solutions:

1. Capacity Max Support: complete support including voice dispatch, call logging, telephone interconnect and data services. Introduced support for new MOTOTRBO features (limited to Capacity Max only), including FOACSU calls, broadcast calls and call end.

2. Bluetooth Indoor Positioning via iBeacons: Real-time indoor positioning, support for functionality and 2D or 3D floor plans.

3. Support for new MOTOTRBO SLR8000 repeaters

4. Long text messages (280) in Connect Plus.


Also new in TRBOnet Plus 5.0:

1. Incremental updates including conference call between phone user, dispatcher and radio.


Also new in SmartPTT Plus 9.0:

1. Support for RG-1000 – Elcomplus IP gateways for MOTOTRBO control stations

2. Incremental updates including independent volume adjustment , option to separate speakers for emergency alarms etc

cross-mute, tool to change subscriber properties in batches and new element for a custom console.

3. Added lauguage support for Hugarian and Serbian.


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