New Value Products

We are pleased to offer you new additions to our RadioTrade Value range. The Value range has proved very successful and popular so we are expanding our offering to support you with compatibility to a wider range of products and manufacturers.

In stock and ready to ship this week are two new products:

Value D-Shell Earpiece with microphone and PTT for the EVX-S24 portable. Compatible with both the Motorola Solutions and Vertex Standard versions.
RRP £7.08
Dealer Buy Price  £4.25

Value D-Shell Earpiece with microphone and PTT for the Hytera PD4 and PD5 portables.
RRP £8.75
Dealer Buy Price  £5.25


Coming Soon

VADSHYTPD6 - Value D-Shell Earpiece with Mic & PTT for Hytera PD6000

VADSHYTPD7 - Value D-Shell Earpiece with Mic & PTT for Hytera PD7000

NCHSB-HYTPD7 - Value Noise Cancelling Headset with Boom Mic & PTT for Hytera PD7000


About the RadioTrade Value Range

The RadioTrade Value range offers two-way radio products at an affordable price point. They are ideal for value conscious end users, users who share radios during shift patterns of work and for hire fleets.
On launching the original product lines, RadioTrade undertook extensive testing of the products and they offer great performance, reliability and durability.

The range offers products including:
D, G and C Shape Earpieces - 1, 2 & 3 Wire Acoustic Tube Earpieces - Lightweight Headsets - Heavy Duty Headsets - Audio Adaptors - Desk Microphones - RSMs - Duplexers - Flex Cables - Replacement Ear Buds, Pads & Tubes - Repeater Coaxial Adaptors

The range offers products that support these manufacturers and portfolios:
Motorola Solutions 446, PCR - Vertex Standard - Hytera - Kenwood - Peltor

Please contact our Sales Team for a full pricebook or go to the Value Products section or corresponding Value Accessory sections on our radio pages.

The Value range is expanding continually. If there is a product line you would like us to consider stocking for you, please get in touch with our Sales Team.


Value Range Promotions

With the purchase of 100 or more value accessories, receive a 10% discount. Value accessories can be mixed between types and series.

Purchase 20 radios and for every radio purchased, we will give you a free corresponding Value audio accessory

Please see our Offer Section for more information


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