New Version of TRBOnet Watch: 3.0

TRBOnet has released a new version of their TRBOnet Watch product, version 3.0.

Highlighted features include:

- The release of TRBOnet Watch mobile for iOS and Android devices. Includes support for diagnostic and RDAD information for repeaters, systems availability information and voice call frequency over 1, 8 and 24 hour periods.
- Added support for Swift IP Gateway A200. Includes GPIO pins and channel information.
- Added User Management. The administrator can create user accounts, check activity and lock users out.
- RSSI Maps and GPS reports now available for LCP and Capacity Max systems. Supported reports include RSSI levels via maps and GPS and GPD data. Please note NAI data keys must be enabled on all repeaters and version 5.2 of Enterprise or PLUS must be used.
- Added Concurrency report
- New Filter options

A trial version is available to download from the RadioTrade TRBOnet Watch application page. Please contact us with any questions.


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