New Vertex VX-820 & VX-920 Firmware

Vertex have released a new firmware for the VX-820 and the VX-920 series. This firmware is for the radios built since the end of 2014 that have the new PLL circuitry (an "AK" marking on the radio label). Please note it should not be used for the earlier hardware models and the version suitable for these is also still available.

The new firmware is the 3.03 version. Please use the CE59 Version 5.00 and after programming software with this firmware.

Due to this change:

  • The Radio-to Radio clone feature cannot be used between the New and Old PLL radios.
  • It is possible to use the Radio-to Radio clone feature between “New and New” and “Old and Old”.
  • The old code plug can be implemented to the New PLL radios by using the CE59 Version 5.00 (and after).


The firmware is available to download now in our downloads section HERE


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