Motorola have launched a new Active Noise Cancelling RSM for ATEX environments for use with a MOTOTRBO DP4000 Ex Series radio. The RSM has been specifically designed for use in harsh ATEX environments and offers large front and PTT buttons, volume toggle control, programmable button, dedicated orange emergency button and 3.5mm earpiece connector, all housed in an IP67 waterproof housing. The ANC RSM also hosts a Nexus socket, to allow connection to a large range of 3rd party headset accessories to provide users with a complete communications solution.


Loud Volume

The ANC RSM’s front PTT hides a large speaker delivering high volume levels, and the volume toggle switch on the top of the RSM makes adjusting volume level simple.

Active Noise Cancelling System

Making your transmission heard above the clamour and noise is critical. This is achieved by holding the ANC RSM 2 - 3 cm from the mouth and talking in a loud clear voice into the single noise cancelling microphone located behind the MOTOROLA badge. ANC RSM utilises Digital Signal Processing combined with unique software algorithms to filter out background noise, ensuring only your voice is transmitted.

Dual PTT Buttons

The ANC has been designed to be easy to use, even when wearing gloves. With two large PTT buttons (one on the side and one on the front), making transmissions is easy.

Emergency Button

In emergency situations, the dedicated orange Emergency button located at the top of the RSM is easily accessible to alert others or call for help.

Programmable Button

A dual function programmable button is located on the side of the ANC RSM. The button can be programmed for long or short press to provide quick access to two commonly used radio functions.

3.5mm Connection

In moderate noise environments, a light-weight earpiece (PMLN7188) can help users to hear messages more clearly. The ANC RSM has an innovative twist and lock 3.5mm socket that facilitates connection to an earpiece, maintaining the IP67 rating and ensuring it will not disconnect accidently. When not in use, the socket is protected with a slide lock cover to keep out water and dust.

Nexus Connection

The Nexus socket supports a range of headsets from 3rd party suppliers including Peltor for Oil, Gas & Industrial situations, while for Fire Rescue Services Savox HC-1 and Dreger FPS Coms Plus headsets are the preferred choice. When connected to the ANC RSM these headsets are considered a part of the communication system and must be ATEX/IECEx approved as a complete system.

ATEX/IECEx Certification

  • Gas Rating: ATEX Class II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb & IECEx Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
  • Dust Rating: ATEX: Class II 2D Ex ib IIIC T90°C Db & IECEx Ex ib IIIC T90°C Db
  • Mining Rating: ATEX: Class I M1 Ex ia I Ma & IECEx Ex ia I Ma
  • IP Rating: ATEX IP64 & IECEx IP67


The ANC RSM (PMMN4094) is now available on the RadioTrade website HERE and we are also stocking the 3.5mm earpiece jack that supports this product.

There are launch packs available for this product so please call RadioTrade on 01256 40 60 50 for more details.


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