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M8 (& M8A) Modular Panel Mount Base


The M8 & M8A are panel mount bases that feature a modular stud fitting. Any modular antenna in the Panorama range can be fitted to these bases.

The bases feature stainless steel earthing teeth, an effective sealing washer and an over-moulded CS23 (RG58) coaxial cable, ensuring that performance is not compromised by corrosion or damage over time.

The base is easy to fit and the standard M8 version can be installed from the outside of the vehicle if under panel access is not available.





MMR Heavy Duty Magnetic Base


The MMR is a fully moulded, heavy-duty option which can be used in temporary installations, as it features a strong magnet mount that allows it to be attached and removed from a vehicle without causing any damage.
It has an integral 5m (16’) RG58 coaxial cable and can handle long whips designed for low frequencies or high gain.  The MMR has a modular stud fitting and is compatible with the majority of Panorama Antennas VHF or UHF whips (up to 960 MHz).





Modular antennas to suit the M8 & MMR series bases:



  • AFQB/AFQHB: Flexible ¼ wave whip, non-hinged/hinged for VHF or UHF
  • AQB/AQHB: Rigid slim ¼ wave whip,  non-hinged/hinged for VHF or UHF
  • AVB/AVHB: Rigid ¼ wave whip,  non-hinged/hinged for VHF (Low/Mid/High Band)
  • AFQNT: Ultra flexible ¼ wave whip, NiTi hinged, for VHF or UHF
  • AVGHB: 5/8 wave whip, 5dBi hinged for VHF only
  • AUGHB: 5/8 wave whip, 3.5dBi hinged for UHF only
  • ACB/ACUHB: Colinear whip, 7dBi non-hinged/hinged for UHF only




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