RadioTrade: 3M Peltor Website Developments

RadioTrade is a distributor of 3M Peltor products which are designed to provide excellent hearing protection and also offer the ability to interface with communication devices such as two way radios and mobile phones.

We have recently widened our portfolio for 3M Peltor products and this is now reflected on our new website where a comprehensive portfolio of products and information can be found.



The following products all provide ear protection from noise as well as:



Flex 2:
Connecting to different brands of two way radios to allow you to transmit and receive through the headset.



Has 446 or Digital / Analogue two way radio built into the headset itself with level dependant hearing options.



X Series:
A range of headsets that provide increasing levels of noise protection and are colour coded.



Connect to two way radios or phones by Bluetooth or cable and level dependant hearing options.



Has integrated AM/FM radio to enjoy while your hearing is protected.



The following video will explain how to access and order these products from the RadioTrade website as well as show the comprehensive resources available.  As we now find it necessary to communicate with customers remotely, having the headset information, resources and pricing all in one place, we hope will allow you to use the website for virtual customer meetings.  Very soon we will also be launching our price book download model where you will be able to then provide your customers with detailed priced books on the products they have viewed.





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