RadioTrade has extended the Motorola Solutions 14% Promotion Until the End of June!

RadioTrade is delighted to tell you that we are extending the Motorola Solutions 14% promotion until the end of June. This offers a discount of 14% off of the Motorola Solutions RRP.

This will provide Partners with stable pricing for the rest of Q1 and Q2.

The products enjoying the 14% promotion are:

DP1400 Analogue - DP1400 Digital - DP2400e - DP2600e - DP4400e - DP4401e - DP4600e - DP4601e - DP4800e - DP4801e - DP4401 Ex - DP4801 Ex - DP3441e - DP3661e - SL1600 - SL2600 - SL4000e - SL4010e


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