RadioTrade Q1 In House Training Courses

RadioTrade is delighted to be offering our first 2019 in-house training days to the channel. 

The days will begin at 10am, allowing travel time, will include lunch and will finish early in the afternoon to allow you to travel back, go on to a meeting or you are welcome to hot desk at RadioTrade for the remainder of the day. We hope you can join us.


Functional Application Training - 21/02/2019

Will be a hands-on training session for sales personnel on the 19th of February. The training will be showing applications and features in use and how they can easily be demonstrated to your customers Applications provide a great opportunity to sell more radios to more customers and this 'feature and function' session will help sales teams to  more easily satisfy client needs when considering efficiency, protection, image and control.

Features shown will include:

Lone Working - Job Ticketing - In-Building and GPS Tracking - Alarm Monitoring - Telephone Interconnect - Remote Site Monitoring

Applications will include:

  1. TRBOnet
  2. Mikado Telephone Interconnect & Indoor Location Beacon Tracking Modules
  3. SMC Gateway
  4. R-LinX Alarm & Lone Worker Module with the WiFi button





IP/IT & RF Integration Training - 21/03/2019

Our Engineers will take you through the basic principles and a working knowledge of IP and IT before theory will be applied to integrate IT with two-way radio systems. Ideal for new Engineers or sales team members who would like to have more technical understanding to offer customers.


Basic Radio, Introduction to the Motorola Solutions Product Portfolio with functional Radio Demonstrations - 02/04/2019

Ideal for new starters, for a refresher and for the wider staff within your organisation. RadioTrade can see real value in all customer serving staff receving basic product training to better serve customers. RadioTrade has updated this course to include in-built radio feature demonstrations such as lone worker.

Registration can be made via the Sales email address.


Click here to email us regarding dealer registration

Or call us on - 01256 40 60 50