The RadioTrade Technical Team

The Technical Team at RadioTrade is now 5-strong and able to provide support across the whole Motorola MOTOTRBO portfolio.

The goal has always been to support at manufacturer level and to be there when you need us. Knowing that you have additional technical support on hand means that we can assist you when you need that additional resource. Our technical team really are at the end of a phone and can provide a phone / email / teamviewer response within minutes.

Support often requires the need to have test systems to try and duplicate faults. The RadioTrade demo suite is fitted out with:

• Capacity Max (Multi-site)
• Linked Capacity Plus
• Capacity Plus
• Trbonet Enterprise
• Trbonet Plus
• SmartPTT
• Over-the-Air programming
• Wave 5000
• RT Connect

Some of the above are also integrated with WAVE, Cap Max, TRBOnet Plus and OTAP, all running on the same system. We are therefore able to build, program and simulate your system to resolve faults. We can also offer a wide variety of training, including one-to-one and classroom days and would be pleased to discuss how we can help you build-on or refresh skills in the portfolio.

Skill sets across the RadioTrade technical team include:

• RF propagation (Combining, antennas)
• Analogue and digital radio systems
• IP networking
• PC Hardware and software support

The RadioTrade offering is great support when you need it.

Contact the Technical Team:

01256 40 60 55  -


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