Vertex Portable Cancellations

Vertex are releasing a new series of radios, the VX-260. Due to this forthcoming release the following radios will be cancelled:

Cancelled Part Number: Description:
AC085N131-VSL VX-231-D0-5 (CE) 136-174MHz, 16CH, no display
AC085U132-VSL VX-231-G6-5 (CE) 403-470MHz, 16CH, no display
AC085U131-VSL VX-231-G7-5 (Non CE) 450-520MHz, 16CH, no display
AC065N151-VSL VX-351-DO-5 (CE) 136-174MHz, 16CH, no display
AC065U153-VSL VX-351-G6-5 (CE) 403-407MHz, 16CH, no display
AC065N152-VSL VX-354-DP-5 (CE) 136-174MHz, 16CH, limited display
AC065U154-VSL VX-354-G6-5 (C) 403-470MHz, 16CH, limited display


The suggested replacement items for these are the new VX-261 and VX-264 analogue radios. The parts are as follows:

Replacement Part Number: Description: Available Date:
AC128N001-VSL VX-261-D0-5 (CE) 136-174MHz, 16CH, no display Aug 2015
AC128U002-VSL VX-261-G6-5 (CE) 403-470MHz, 16CH, no display Aug 2015
AC128U001-VSL VX-261-G&-5 (CE) 450-520MHz, 16CH, no display Sept 2015
AC127N001-VSL VX-264-D0-5 (CE) 136-174MHz, 128CH, limited display Sept 2015
AC127U002-VSL VX-264-G6-5 (CE) 403-470MHz, 128CH, limited display Sept 2015
AC127U001-VSL VX-264-G7-5 (CE) 450-520MHz, 128CH, limited display Sept 2015


You can learn more about these replacement portables and the available resources on the VX-260 Series Release News Story and on the VX-261 and the VX-264 product pages.

The last shipment date for the cancelled radios will be the 4th of November, 2015. After this date availability of these products will be dependent on remaining stock.

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