Vertex VXR-9000 Price Change Notification

Vertex Standard have issued a price change notification on the VXR-9000 repeater.

The products affected are:

Part Number Description Current RRP New RRP
AC044N003-VSL VXR-9000EV C EXP (CE) 146-174MHz £750 £830
AC044U003-VSL VXR-9000EU CS EXP (CE) 440-470MHz £750 £830
AC044N005-VSL VXR-9000V A EXP (Non CE) 136-160MHz £790 £870
AC044N007-VSL VXR-9000V C EXP (Non CE) 148-174MHz £790 £870
AC044U007-VSL VXR-9000U A EXP (Non CE) 403-430MHz £790 £870
AC044U009-VSL VXR-9000U D EXP (Non CE) 450-490MHz £790 £870


These new products will come into effect on the 1st of December, 2015. Current pricing will only remain valid on orders placed with a CRSD no later than the 31st of December, 2015 unless placed before the 30th of September.


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