Vokkero Guardian Full Duplex Radios - Now Stocked by RadioTrade

The Vokkero Guardian range offers an out of the box a fleet of hands free, full duplex devices with clear and intelligible communications, enhancing safety and increasing productivity for workgroups. The Vokkero Guardian is intuitive to use with a patented noise filter that suppresses noises other than human voices. The devices are lightweight and water resistant and offer alerts by way of both tones and vibration.


1. Full duplex hands-free communication – continuous group communications with unlimited users – without using a PTT button
2. Multi-channel allowing up to 13 systems on the same site
3. 8kHz or 16kHz audio
4. Battery life up to 14 hours
5. Operating temperature -10/+50 degrees Celsius
6. Bluetooth option for headset & smartphone connection
7. No licence requirement
8. Up to 1km range
9. Digital encryption for secure communication



There are 3 types of Vokkero Guardian Radio available:

1.       Vokkero Guardian Standard

2.       Vokkero Guardian Plus – Enhanced audio quality from 8Hz to 16Hz

3.       Vokkero Guardian ATEX - Launching soon, currently completing certication 


The radios are supplied with a battery and charger/configurator unit. The package can be offered with or without generic headsets. Available as a set of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 radio units and supplied in a rugged case. There is a large selection of accessories available including earpieces, headsets and RSMs and these can use a standard wired or Bluetooth connection. The Guardian portables can also be used with the Peltor heavy duty headsets for extreme noise conditions.


Ideal for: Construction, Industrial, Manufacturing, Marine, Security, Broadcasting, Hospitality & Sporting or any activity that requires individuals to have full use of their hands and total freedom of movement whilst communicating.



General Brochure

Industry Vertical Brochures: SecurityConstructionBroadcast



Guardian Standard & Plus: User Guide


Launch Packs

We have a number of launch packs available with an extra 10% off of the usual Dealer pricing. The launch packs contain 2 standard Vokkero Guardian radios with the Bluetooth capability, 2 generic headsets, 1 4-way charger/configurator, 1 hard case and 1 user guide.



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