WAVE 3000 Training

RadioTrade are pleased to offer Dealers a dedicated WAVE training day on Thursday the 29th of October, 2015 with our in-house WAVE system. The training will be in Basingstoke with the RadioTrade team, who have been trained in the sales and technical elements of the WAVE system. Our guest, Dan Faulkner of Motorola Solutions, will also be on hand to answer any further questions.

The day will look to commence from 10am and run until approximately 3pm, with lunch provided.

For more detailed information on the WAVE application product please view the WAVE 3000 applications webpage

Free Demo Log In's

All Dealers that attend the RadioTrade WAVE training day will receive two WAVE user IDs to access our demonstration system and allow some testing within their company providing a great opportunity to show clients the benefits of WAVE first hand.

Introductory Promotion

A reminder that Motorola are offering an introductory promotion on WAVE starter bundles, presenting a significant reduction on the items to set up a WAVE 3000 application. The promotion is running from now until the 11th of December, 2015.

Bundles are available for either the DR3000 or the MTR3000 repeaters to set up a system with 5 users and contain:

    WAVE Server (GM0291B)
    3 Years WAVE Server Software Maintenance (HKVN4275A)
    5 WAVE 3000 User License (HKVN4226A)
    3 years WAVE 3000 Client Software Maintenance for 5 users (HKVN2476A)
    4 DR3000 NAI Voice Licence Key (HKVN4211A) or MTR3000 version (HKVN4214A)

Please call RadioTrade for promotional pricing


Please contact RadioTrade today to register for the WAVE training day. The best ways to do this are to call us on 01256 40 60 50 or to email Sarah directly.

If you are unable to make this date but would still like to attend RadioTrade's WAVE training then please let RadioTrade know.


Click here to email us regarding dealer registration

Or call us on - 01256 40 60 50