WAVE PTX is the perfect hire solution for wide area communications.

WAVE PTX is the perfect hire solution for wide area communications.


Here’s why you should recommend WAVE PTX to your hire customers.


Wide Area Coverage & Instantly Deployable


  • WAVE PTX can be instantly deployed as it utilises cellular networks for transmission.  


  • Exceptional national coverage, without the need for additional infrastructure such as repeaters. It only requires a mobile 3/4G phone signal and is multi-network, using EE, O2, Vodafone and Three.


  • You do not need an Ofcom licence to operate WAVE PTX devices.




  • WAVE PTX automatically encrypts all transmissions.


Ease of use


  • There is no learning curve. If the hire customer can use ordinary PTT radios, they can use a WAVE PTX device with ease.


  • WAVE PTX offers best in class audio performance.


One-stop shop


In addition to pre-configured WAVE PTX devices, such as the TLK100, RadioTrade offers a full WAVE PTX hire package, including:-


  • The WAVE PTX App for mobile phones, allowing users to connect to the WAVE PTX hire system but use their own mobile phone running the WAVE PTX App.


  • WAVE PTX Dispatcher, which is browser-based, allows customers to track where their users are via GPS and gives them the ability to communicate directly via a PC or laptop.



So, are there any times when WAVE PTX might not be the best option?


WAVE PTX isn’t the best option when there is a very high density of cellular devices in a relatively small area such as concerts, festivals or large sporting events - this is due to potential cellular network overload. In these instances, standard Analogue or Digital DMR Radios would be the better option.


Here to help


So, if you need to hire a simple radio solution, which works over a large coverage area, without the normal complexities associated with other PTT radios solutions, speak to our Hire team today about WAVE PTX.


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