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Introducing our NEW SMART chargers

Announcing the launch of the AXMUDP1UK intelligent 6 way-charger, which is compatible with the...MORE

Motorola SLR1000 - When Less is More

The Motorola Solutions SLR1000 Repeater is still not widely used within the UK.   So in...MORE

Mikado Telephone Interconnect Module - Cancellation Notification

Mikado Telephone Interconnect Module - Cancellation Notification From the 1st July 2021, we will...MORE

NEW Price Book Feature For Partners


NEW SALES OPPORTUNITY: 3M Peltor X Series Simple Hearing Protection

Date added 22.07.20

Published: 23/7/20   The 3M Peltor X Series Earmuffs are ideal for simple hearing protection and where high noise levels could cause...

RadioTrade: 3M Peltor Website Developments

Date added 11.06.20

RadioTrade is a distributor of 3M Peltor products which are designed to provide excellent hearing protection and also offer the ability to interface...

Launching the 3M Peltor next generation FLEX products: FLEX II

Date added 17.01.20

This announcement also introduces the WS ProTac XPI headset offering “ambient listening” capability.   FLEX II The 3M...

Cancellation Notification: 3M Peltor FLEX I

Date added 15.01.20

3M Peltor has announced the FLEX I headsets have been discontinued with immediate effect. The cancelled products are: Mt53H79P3E-77 - FLEX I...

Price Change Notification: Antenna Pro & 3M Peltor

Date added 14.01.20

Antenna Pro: Antenna Pro will be issuing a new pricebook for 2020 with a price increase of approximatly 2% on products. RadioTrade will be...