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DID YOU KNOW : CLPe working with a SLR5500 / SLR1000

  The 1W PLUS version of the CLPe operates on licenced channels between 450-470Mhz. (...MORE

Motorola Solutions Release New CLPe Series Business Radio

Motorola Solutions have announced a new enhanced CLPe business radio offering all day...MORE

Motorola Solutions WAVE becomes WAVE PTX - Enhancements

Motorola Solutions WAVE-On-Cloud has now been rebranded to WAVE PTX and with it comes a new suite...MORE

RadioTrade: 3M Peltor Website Developments

RadioTrade is a distributor of 3M Peltor products which are designed to provide excellent hearing...MORE

Motorola Mag One Earpieces

Date added 10.12.12

Further to Motorola's launch of the new, low-cost Mag One Swivel Earpiece (PN: PMLN5975A), we are pleased to announce that a range of Mag One...

New Motorola Swivel Earpiece (PMLN5975A)

Date added 06.12.12

Motorola has launched a new low-cost 'MagOne Swivel Earpiece - One Wire Solution' for use with the DP3000 Series digital radios. ...

Website Update

Date added 05.12.12

RadioTrade On-Line (ROL) is fully operational with online orders being processed. The feedback from Dealers using ROL has been excellent with...

Win a Telesales Campaign

Date added 16.11.12

To celebrate the launch of our new website, we are pleased to offer the chance for a RadioTrade Dealer to win a two-week fully funded telesales...

New DP4000 Ex (ATEX-Certified) Portable Radios

Date added 13.11.12

Motorola has announced it will be launching a brand-new product range: The MOTOTRBO™ DP4000 Ex Series (ATEX-Certified) Portable...

Special Offer on DP2000 Series Portable Radios

Date added 07.11.12

There has been a lot of feedback from Dealers that the DP2000 Series Radios were priced too closely to the DP4000 Series Radios. This has been fed...

Notification of upcoming product cancellations & price changes

Date added 05.11.12

Motorola has issued a number of Intention to Cancel & Price Change Notifications. Full details, including part numbers of any available...

RadioTrade-In Promotion

Date added 22.10.12

This new promotion allows you to get a discount off the purchase of a new radio, whilst disposing of old models in an environmentally friendly...