The 3M PELTOR WS ProTac XPI Headset with level dependent technology for ambient listening and Bluetooth multipoint connectivity


  • Ear defending headset.
  • Ambient Listening.
  • Connects to the radio via Bluetooth - Supports VOX and Bluetooth PTT on cup (B-PTT requires HKVN4465A licence).
  • New noise cancelling water resistant IP68 speech microphone.
  • Push-To-Listen, PTL, for protected face-to-face communication.
  • Bright yellow colour for enhanced visibility.


  • Ear defending headset with level dependant ambient noise listening and bluetooth connectivity for devices like a mobile phone.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 including MultiPoint.
  • Built-in level-dependent function allows the wearer to hear ambient sounds, such as conversations, machine sounds and warning signals.
  • Improved MMI menu set-up for easier handling in daily operations.
  • New noise cancelling water resistant speech microphone. Improved speech intelligibility and IP68 rated for use in noisy and demanding environments.
  • Support for Bluetooth A2DP, streaming (selectable in Set-up mode).
  • Auto power off: The headset will turn off after 4 hrs of non-use to save battery.
  • Low-battery warning at low battery level.
  • Ground Mechanic solution included in main product.
  • Compatible with 3M PELTOR WS Ground Mec adapter.



This headset can connect via Bluetooth to the following MOTOTRBO radios:


  • DP3441e
  • DP3661e
  • DP4401/e
  • DP4601/e
  • DP4801/e
  • SL2600
  • SL4000e Series

Bluetooth PTT is supported by devices that support Peltor Bluetooth PTT Protocol. Motorola supports this since firmware version 2.9. The radio requires Motorola licence HKVN4465A (AT Commands for Bluetooth PTT) for this to work.


Other sources of PTT (e.g, radio PTT and alternate PTT) will also enable mic on this headset.


The headset also supports VOX.

Useful when users need to be connected to their mobile device (e.g. process operators, push-back operators at airports, maintenance etc; everywhere critical communication and hearing protection is required.





3M Peltor WS ProTac XPI headset with Headband & Bluetooth connectivity, SNR = 33dB

RRP £443.10


3M Peltor WS ProTac XPI headset with Helmet attachment & Bluetooth connectivity, SNR = 31dB

RRP £443.10


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