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  • The A200 can connect a remote base radio to TRBOnet Enterprise or Plus without the need to install a remote computer
  • Requires #TN1004 connection licence to work with TRBOnet Enterprise/PLUS
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Used for voice and data transmission, consists of MOTOTRBO mobile radio rear accessory connector, audio in/out jacks and USB connector

This cable can be used to connect an A200 IP Gateway to an SLR5000 repeater operating in analogue mode

  • This is a USB mic adapter with an embedded sound card for RJ45 fist or desktop microphones.
  • Compatible with desk microphone RMN5068A
  • Compatible with fist microphones MDRMN4025D, PMMN4090A
  • Microphone not included, purchase separately
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  • The pedal comes with an RJ45 connector
  • The pedal can be connected to a USB by using the M002 microphone adaptor