Aquapac Extreme Radio PRO Case Dock System with Welded Stud

  • Waterproof case, IPX8. (Protection against continuous immersion to a depth of 10m)
  • Supplied with welded Aquapac Stud for Dock system attachment
  • 4 lashpoints/eyelets for attaching 3-way harness
  • AQUACLIP Sealing System


Click 'See more details' below to see radio compatibility list.

Compatible with the following radios:


  • DP1400
  • DP2000 Series
  • DP4000 Series
  • XT420/460
  • SL1600/2600
  • DP3441/3661
  • SL4000
  • EVX-S24
  • EVX-261
  • VX-261
  • KIRISUN DP405 (Stubby Only)


Note that belt clip must be removed.


Suitable for stubby and whip antenna.