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Please be aware that the Vertex Standard Accessories for this radio are the same items and are compatible with the Motorola Solutions branded radio. The Vertex Standard Accessories are in some cases considerably cheaper and RadioTrade are selling these until stock depletion. To visit the Vertex Standard Accessory page, please click HERE.

  • ATU-6DS
  • 450-485MHz Stubby 8cm RED Insulator

  • ATU-6A
  • 400-430MHz Whip 16cm BROWN Insulator

Whip 440-470 MHz



  • ATU-6C
  • Integrated GPS: No
  • Intrinsic Safety: No
  • Stud mounting


  • ATU-6D
  • 450-490MHz Whip 16cm

  • ATU-6B
  • 420-450MHz Whip 16cm YELLOW Insulator

  • ATV-8A
  • 134-151MHz Helicoil 15cm RED Insulator

  • ATV-8B
  • 150-163MHz Helicoil 15cm BROWN Insulator

  • ATV-8C
  • 161-174MHz Helicoil 15cm BLACK Insulator

  • ATV-6XL
  • 135-174MHz Untuned Helicoil 18cm BLACK Insulator

Cancelled Item - Replacement AAE23X502

  • ATU-6C
  • 440-470MHz Whip 16cm BLUE Insulator
  • RT are offering this accessory at the Vertex pricing while stocks last