SLR Programming Cable



  • CE
  • RTTE
  • WEEE Compliant
  • ROHS Compliant


  • Software DVD including CPS v11.0, Tuner v11.0, AirTracer Software v8.0, Radio Management v1.8
  • Replaces previous versions, including GMVN5141AG.


  • Diagnostics, Alarm & Control (RDAC) for system management.
  • v10.0 system admin can monitor & control repeaters within system.
  • Diagnostics & control possible via LAN/Internet or a local direct connection.

  • This Licence Key needed to activate the Multiple Systems feature in the RDAC application. RDAC V2.2 onwards.
  • Enables monitoring and control up to 8 different radio systems.

  • Each repeater in a Capacity Plus system (both trunked and data revert) needs to have the Capacity Plus feature activated and this requires the purchase of a separate licence key for each repeater.
  • Suitable for the High Power Repeaters including the SLR8000, MTR3000

  • This licence enables MOTOTRBO digital system users to place and receive telephone calls through repeater. Other infrastructure required.
  • Each phone gateway repeater in system needs a licence.


  • Licence key (per repeater)  to activate the Linked Capacity Plus (LCP) feature in a repeater where the Capacity Plus feature has previously been activated.
  • Provides multi site configuration.
  • Suitable for High Powered Repeaters including the SLR8000 & MTR3000.


  • Licence key activates Linked Capacity Plus (LCP) feature in repeater
  • This FULL LCP licence DOES NOT support Capacity Plus only channels.
  • Suitable for the High Powered Repeaters including the SLR8000 & MTR3000.

  • This orders the Licence key to activate the “Network Application Interface for Voice/CSBK” feature on a repeater.
  • Please call us on 01256 40 60 50 for more details.


  • This orders the Licence key to activate the “Network Application Interface for Data” feature on a repeater.
  • Note: This key is required for voice channels with ARS & Text Messaging.

  • This Licence key activates the Digital Voting feature in a repeater.
  • Only the Central Voting Repeater in a system (not the Satellite Receivers) needs to have this feature activated.

•Activates "Extended Range Direct Mode" feature - Also known as "Single Frequency Repeater". Increases coverage area on a single frequency beyond a direct mode solution. Does not require additional frequency