• Leather Belt
  • 1.5" (40mm) wide leather
  • To fit waist 40-46"
  • Nickel Buckle


  • High Quality Black Leather Shoulder Strap
  • 1.6cm (15.88mm) Wide
  • Length 39-70"
  • Brass Fittings
  • Please see the following note with regard to the suitabilty of use in an ATEX environment.

Please Note: Due to the lack of legislation controlling the manufacture of cases, straps and belts, the use of the words ‘intrinsically safe / ATEX’ is based on tests by an independent body who have classified one sample case in the Peter Jones (ILG) Ltd range as being suitable for use in zones 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22. However no warranty is provided in respect of such usage and customers should always carry out their own test to determine safety or usage in hazardous areas.

  • Nylon Webbing Shoulder Strap
  • 1" (25mm) Wide
  • Length 39-70"
  • Nickel Fittings

  • Nylon Webbing Shoulder Strap
  • 3/8" (9mm) Wide
  • Length 60" Non-Adjustable
  • Nickel Fittings