This product has been cancelled by Vertex Standard. Only VHF units are available while stocks last.


The EVX-5300 mobile two-way radio delivers the fundamental features you want. The radio is simple to operate which allows users to keep in contact while still concentrating on the job in hand.

Hardware features:

  • Rugged die-cast chassis
  • 6 programmable Keys
  • 15 pin HDB15 Rear Accessory Connector
  • MIL 810 CDEFG

Operator friendly controls and features include:

  • CTCSS / DCS, 2 Tone, 5 Tone En/Decode, MDC1200 En/Decode, DTMF En/Decode
  • Stun/Revive/Kill (5 Tone), Stun/Revive (MDC1200)
  • Lone worker and Emergency
  • Programmable channel spacing 12.5/20/25KHz
  • Analogue/Digital Scan
  • ARTS II (Automatic Range Transpond System with MDC1200 auto ID)
  • Channel Announcement (dealer recordable / multi language)
  • Radio Check (Digital), Remote Monitor(Digital)
  • Voice inversion Encryption
  • Pre-programmed Texting (Digital)
  • Basic Privacy (Digital)
  • Digital Call Management Features, (All call, Group Call, Private Call)
  • Audio Companding
  • Direct Channel entry
  • Audio Companding
  • Clear Voice
  • Dynamic Tx power control
  • VOX (Internal and External)
  • Voice Inversion Encryption built in





EVX-5300 MOBILE, 1-25W, 136-174MHZ, 8 CH, DISPLAY

RRP £336.00


EVX-5300 MOBILE, 1-25W, 403-470MHZ, 8 CH, DISPLAY

RRP £354.00