Vokkero Guardian


The VOKKERO Guardian is a full duplex radio that can be used to communicate with other radios whilst fully hands free. Simply connect your choice of headset to the radio and then talk to individual or groups of radios, simply by talking as you would on a mobile phone. The system incorporates a patented noise filter to suppress background noise.


The range of the system can be as much as 1km where you are in open areas and there is no base station or infrastructure required.


Radio users can be fully focused on their task while remaining in permanent contact with the rest of their team. Communication is encrypted for voice security and radio users can operate in a continuous conference call. The radios can be programmed to operate multiple systems on a single site without interference to each other.


The duplex calling allows you to interrupt other radio users in the case of an emergency.

  • Full Duplex: Full handsfree voice communication.
  • Range: Up to 1 km.
  • Battery life:  Up to 12 hours (Rechargeable Li-Polymer battery).
  • Frequencies:  Royalty-free according to radio regulations in Europe (ETSI) and US, Canada (FCC).
  • Weight:  250g (including battery).
  • Dimensions:  70 x 110 x 28mm.
  • Operating temperature:  -10/+50°C (14/122°F).
  • Call function:  Alerts the user by vibrating or emitting an audible signal.
  • Error correction:  To inhibit short communication losses.
  • Recharging:  4 hours max. charging time.
  • Group Size: Unlimited but only up to 4 users talking simultaneously in a group.
  • Noise Filter: Suppression of background noise with patented filter.
  • Encryption: Secure voice transmissions.

Vokkero Guardian is the radio communication system brand for mobile teams, enabling several users to create an instant, continuous and secure audio conference.


Recognised all over the world by referees of team sports, Vokkero products are also perfectly suited to the construction, industry, maritime, security, or broadcasting sectors thanks to their robustness, lightness and audio quality. Equipped with a patented noise filter, VOKKERO GUARDIAN enhances voice communications in noisy or difficult environments.


Its hands-free system provides unrestricted movement while communicating with user groups around a site.






RRP £472.50