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Software - DP2000 Series

Vacuum/Pressure Kit Seal


  • Seal - allows connection from the vacuum hose to the radio's chassis.
RRP - £1.30
Fixed Price - £1.17

Vacuum/Pressure Kit Connector


  • Connector - allows connection of the vacuum hose to the radio's chassis.
RRP - £5.80
Fixed Price - £5.22



  • Software DVD including CPS v11.0, Tuner v11.0, AirTracer Software v8.0, Radio Management v1.8
  • Replaces previous versions, including GMVN5141AG.
RRP - £110.00
Dealer Price - £110.00

IMPRES Fleet Management Software Licence Key


  • This orders the licence key of Fleet Management Software application.
RRP - £329.00
Dealer Price - £329.00

DP2000 5-Tone Signalling Feature - Licence Key


CANCELLED ITEM. This is now part of the standard radio. Please ring RadioTrade on 01256 406050 for more information & remaining stock availability.

RRP - £0.00
Dealer Price - £0.00

DP2000 Series Enhanced Privacy Feature - Licence Key


  • This orders the Licence key to activate the Enhanced Privacy feature in a DP/DM2000 Series radios.
  • Enhanced Privacy provides a 40 bit encryption solution for voice and data in digital mode.
RRP - £35.00
Dealer Price - £35.00

DP2000 Transmit Interrupt Encode Feature - Licence Key


  • Licence key for TX Interrupt.
  • Interrupt a transmitting radio (for example when setting up an emergency call).
  • Not required to support Transmit Interrupt Decode
RRP - £20.00
Dealer Price - £20.00

DP2000 Capacity Plus - Licence Key


  • This orders the Licence key to activate the Capacity Plus feature in a DP2000 Series radio.
  • Capacity Plus provides a single site trunking configuration.
RRP - £35.00
Dealer Price - £35.00

DP2000 Linked Capacity Plus - Incremental Licence Key


  • Licence key to activate the Linked Capacity Plus feature in a DP2000 Series radio where the Capacity Plus feature has previously been activated.
  • Linked Capacity Plus provides a multisite trunking configuration.
RRP - £15.00
Dealer Price - £15.00

MOTOTRBO Radio Management Licence Key


  • This orders the licence key to add an additional 500 radio archives to the Radio Management (RM) Server.
  • The initial installation contains free licences for 10 radio archives by default.
RRP - £0.00
Dealer Price - £0.00

DP2000 Linked Capacity Plus - Full Licence Key


  • Activate the Linked Capacity Plus in a DP2000 radio where the Capacity Plus feature has not previously been activated.
  • This Full licence does not support a stand alone Capacity Plus system.
RRP - £50.00
Dealer Price - £50.00

MOTOTRBO Digital Telephone Patch Feature - Licence Key


  • Licence Key to activate the digital telephone patch feature in a MOTOTRBO radio.
  • Requires gateway between telephone network and DR repeater.
RRP - £20.00
Dealer Price - £20.00

Single Input Noise Cancellation (SINC+) - Licence Key


  • Activates (SINC+) feature in DP2000/3441/4000, SL4000 & DM2000/4000 Series radios.
  • Feature offers enhanced noise suppression using standard microphone, normally associated with expensive dual microphones.
RRP - £10.00
Dealer Price - £10.00

Vacuum Pump Test Kit


  • Kit includes a vacuum pump with gauge & a vacuum hose.
  • A connector fitting (part number 5871134M01) & seal (part number 3271133M01), which must be ordered separately, connects the vacuum hose to the radio's chassis.
RRP - £114.00
Fixed Price - £102.60

Pressure Pump Test Kit


  • The pressure pump kit includes a pressure pump with gauge, & a pressure hose.
  • As with the vacuum pump kit above, the connector fitting - fitting seal pair connects the pressure hose to the radio's chassis.
RRP - £106.00
Fixed Price - £95.40

MOTOTRBO Portable Programming Cable



  • Cable to allow radio programming.
RRP - £43.00
Dealer Price - £43.00

Prog Cable Slim to DB25 & USB Plug


  • Cable to allow radio programming.
RRP - £55.00
Dealer Price - £55.00