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Extended Warranty

Added 01.01.01

RadioTrade is pleased to offer Extended Warranty products on Motorola and Vertex Standard equipment. These extended warranties are offered in conjunction with the manufacturers and as such all repairs will be completed by the manufacturer as they are an extension of their standard warranty.

The pricing is extremely competitive and will allow you to make good margins when selling to your customers. Furthermore, these extended warranty products will bring customer loyalty to you and hopefully more sales over time.

As radio products become more sophisticated and more difficult to repair, the benefit of a low-cost repair service from the manufacturer becomes more attractive and will insure both the dealer and their customers enjoy low-cost maintenance for the life of the product.

These extended warranties are purchased at the same time as the radio and can be selected during the radio configuration online or with your RadioTrade Customer Service team. The Extended Warranty supplied with new equipment covers parts and labour on items returned to our Service Centre. Items returned for repair under warranty that are found not to be under warranty or that do not fall under a warranty repair category will be set aside and the Dealer notified. The warranty covers repair of the radio body and excludes batteries and accessories. 

Please see our other warranty products such as Service from the Start for digital Motorola radios, which can also include repairs to equipment that has suffered physical damage.